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Boss Fight™

Pre-Alpha Release Build

I took four days off work to seriously get a start on a game, this, is the result.

Ultimately it will be like an end boss fight in old Nintendo games, where you only fight one main character to win the game, and the boss keeps getting stronger as you fight. The rub here being, you can't actually win, he just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

So far the game features:

  • Features: None!
  • Bugs: All of them!

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The Game of Ball

Alpha Available

Draft your team of three unique ball players, and then play ball! Which game of ball exactly? The rules change as you play. You've got a goal you need to keep the ball out of, no, now you need to bring the ball to your goal, wait are there two balls in play now? Now three, now four?

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This game will probably be bigger than chess.

It's easier to learn than chess, it's quicker to play than chess, double the amount of people can play than can play chess, and it's funner than chess. It beats chess in every way, so the logical conclusion is that it will one day be more popular than chess.

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